Retail and Logistics B2B

B2B transactions are complex and delicate

Let us help add to your bottom line without having to cut corners on service or formality.

Our software integrates with B2C and B2B platforms to accomodate to any opportunity.

Customized packing lists

Various shipping options

Cross docking

Consolidation & breaking bulk

Multi-retailer support

3rd party shipping accounts

Pick & Pack

With Búho as your commercial partner, we assure you that your orders always ship on time.

We also believe in transparency and integrity, so you will only pay for the services you use. That is, if you only send 1 product this month, you will only pay for the logistics service of that product.

Bulk Processing

Our technology platform will allow you to schedule wholesale orders so that they are processed with the same fluidity as an electronic commerce order.


Use our technology platform so that you have control of your processes. Forget worrying about tracking deliveries, inventory levels, reorder points, kitting and fulfillment.

Special projects

Count on team Búho for extraordinary projects that you had not planned. We provide you with the service of relabelling, quality control, or any other activity that has not been part of your plan.

Smart Storage

Our intelligent system allows us to optimize your storage, which translates into savings for you.

Unlike other fulfillment centers, we record the space stored daily, so that you only pay for the days you use it.

You will also have the benefit of our security system to always protect your inventory.

Account Executives

We know that your business is our business and we are at your disposal to help you reach your full potential. At Búho you have account executives who are trained to help you maximize your explosive growth.

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Your business is our business, do not hesitate to contact us.