What we offer

We are dedicated to being the best business partners for our clients, providing solutions to their logistics needs. Small or Giant, we take care of it.

Servicios Búho

Fulfillment with fair and clear rates.

Peace of mind for you and impeccable service for your customers.

With us, you will take control of your logistics.

Have you lost control of your time and resources??

Don't worry!
You have at your fingertips super powers that fit the bill, forget about those whacks that do not allow you to be productive.

At Búho logistics we give you powers so that you have all the control at your fingertips, so you can focus on growing your business and being more efficient with your time.

Focus on growing your business

Replicate and scale your business; We can't wait to exceed expectations for your next project.

At Búho Logistics it is clear to us that where we generate the most value is by providing security to our clients!

Why outsource your Logistics Services?


Focus your time and money on growing your business


Your operating, personnel and logistics expenses


Reach your customers faster


Your entire supply chain


Your customer satisfaction ratings
Bodega Búho

Value Added

Reduce the cost of shipping your products

Shipping costs are the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment. If you want to compete in the eCommerce space, you'll need to have the best rates from the most trusted carriers.

Reduce your expenses by reducing the number of hours and/or personnel necessary to attend to your company's tasks

On average, a company saves 120 labor hours per week by partnering with a fulfillment center.

World class
customer service at your fingertips

Count on the support of our customer service team to solve your problems. Lean on our experience dealing with packages to provide the best service to your client.

Perfect Picks

Our margin of error is minimal

Orders Shipped

On time (according to the SLA)

Shipped Products


Búho Logistics technology

Scope of our WMS

Our platform connects you with our warehouse, allowing you to manage and monitor the entire order fulfillment process, inventory control and returns processing.. Our system provides our clients with real-time information and analysis on their operational and warehouse KPIs.

Think of our platform as your command dashboard: you will have control of your entire company at your fingertips to make faster and better informed decisions.

Tecnología Búho

Key Features


Your Business Account

Your own business account, with individual access for your team.

With us you will have complete visibility and control over your purchase orders and inventory.